4 Benefits of Driving a Car

Buying a car has many symbolic meanings in modern culture. It comes to mean independence, exploration, leaving the nest so to speak. And there has never been a better time in the history of the known world to get yourself a car. They are getting cheaper and cheaper and better and better, with more customization options, with better milage and greater reliability. If you live in parts of the world such as the US, getting yourself a car is an actual necessity. Public transport can’t be relied on to take you exactly where you want to go so it’s important to have your own set of wheels.

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  1. Emergencies and Health

Considering the pandemic, it is very important to have your own means of transportation, do you really want to risk getting a ride in a taxi or uber with a stranger when there is a chance that they have COVID? I thought not. Better to skip the risk of public transport as well and get yourself a car. That’s not all, if you live in a slightly more suburban or rural part of the country, don’t expect ambulances to be able to get to you quickly. The further away from a hospital you are the more you need to have a car to get yourself or your loved ones out of a tight spot.

  • Independence

This is a big one. Getting yourself a car is like getting a ticket to see the country or even the world. In your own car you don’t have to worry about missing the bus or the train, and you will never have to pester your friends for a ride either. You are totally independent and go wherever you want whenever you want. Truly some of the best moments in life can be found behind the wheel with a few friends going places that you would never have dreamt of without a car. The only downside is that you need to foot the bill for gas.

  • It’s a time saver

Without a car getting places involves a lot of hoping and assumption. Getting ready to go back home in an uber after a long night out? You’re assuming that there will be drivers at that time (depending on your location) and that the app will work. When heading out for work, you’re hoping that the bus will be on time (which let’s be honest, it never is). Why go through all that stress when you can decide when you want to leave home by picking up your keys and turning the ignition switch?

  • Travel for Pleasure

Travelling for pleasure involves unplanned trips and happy memories with friends. Explore the country, take by roads, any route your heart desires, is yours when you have a car of your own.


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