5 Ways You Can Make Your Motorbike Look Brand New

If you want your motorbike to look like it did at the dealer, you’re in luck. We’ve talked about all the ways you can do this below. What’s stopping you from reading ahead?

Pre-Wash It

Before you get to the washing, pre-wash the vehicle. A hose would do the trick. Focus the water on the lower parts of the bike, as the goal is to dislodge any large particles of dirt.

Clean Its Wheels

You’ll have to clean the wheels and spokes separately. After all, they are made from different materials. You can start off by washing the wheels and tires with soap and a bit of tire cleaner. What will this do? Get rid of any oils that may be on their exterior.

Once the two are cleaned, you can apply chrome to them. The shine would help the motorbike look brand new quite a bit. To get the most effect, polish the chrome on twice. Don’t do each coating after the other – you’d get the best results by spacing them apart.

Speaking of applying chrome, add some to the dashboard and controls of the bike too. They’d look great with some added shine. As mentioned, you’re best off adding the chrome on twice. You can amp the shine by adding a coat of wax once you’re done too.

Leather Care

Depending on the model of bike you own, the leather on it may vary. It could rock aniline leather, coated leather, or vinyl that was made to look and feel like the real deal. Unfortunately, the fabric would get worn down over time.

Regularly clean it and add a non-stick protectant – the layer would prevent it from wearing down quicker than it should. It’d also make the fabric glossier.

New Rims

You might have to buy new motorbike rims. The ones on your bike may be too far-gone to make look new. There are many sellers offering them, as you’re probably aware. You won’t have to spend much. Rims really help bikes look new, so this purchase is a must.

Seal Its Paint

How hot does it get where you live? Extreme temperatures are not good for vehicles, as their paint can chip. You may be guilty of leaving your motorbike in the sun too – the rays could cause the paint on its exterior to oxidize.

You can keep the paint protected by adding a sealant. Some are better than others, so shop around before buying one. A sealant that has a glossy finish is the most worth your time.

Final Thoughts

You probably spent a lot on your motorbike, which is why you’re trying your best to keep it looking brand new. When it comes to all the ways you can do this, tackling its wheels would provide the most bang for your buck. With some good chrome and polish, they would look brand new, helping how your bike would look.

If they’re worn down, you might have to replace the rims for something new – it’d be a move that’d be well worth it.


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