Different Types of Paint and the Protection for Your Vehicle

For as long as cars have been in existence so has paint protection, there is no other way to say it. When you speak of paint protection it includes things like waxes, sealants and also the different coatings that have been used in the recent past. But knowing exactly what paints are available and what kind of protection they offer your vehicle is something very important for your vehicle maintenance. Here are some of the main paint types around today and the kind of effects that you can expect from each of them.

The Traditional Car Wax

The very first type of protection products for vehicles was made from natural waxes that were mixed in with oils and other solvents to create what we usually call a traditional car wax. These products usually have a higher level of gloss and they work with the paint to produce a warm and radiant wet loom on the surface of your vehicle. They will not however last for too long, but if you are looking for a sort of makeover for your vehicle, this is the perfect choice. You should go to a reliable service provider such as waxit so that you can obtain the right quality products and services that you need for the maintenance of your vehicle. Also remember that waxes can be very easy to apply and that they are a good starting point to the whole arena that is paint protection.

Paint Sealants

The next wave of paint protection came in the form of paint sealants. These are more synthetic than the waxes we spoke of above and are manmade completely. They can also have a fair bit of variety among the ingredients used in each type, but they are also largely based on the polymer technology. In other words, polymers have more advanced molecules with multi-links that naturally give this type of sealants a better durability. It also contributes to keeping up with the slick and that glossy look. Many of these sealants can be applied by machine or by hand, and are very easy in terms of achieving a good level of protection.

Glass Coating

One of the most recent methods of paint protection that has come in is glass coating, which can also be called ceramic or Nano coatings. Again, all of these coatings also vary in their compositions and you can pick one that you like, but for the better part they are all silicon based solutions that when applied, create a glass like protective coating on the surface of your vehicle. These coatings carry a negative charge, and that means that they do not attract dust like the regular waxes do and sealants so. They actually have a high repellence to water and contaminants.

Their composition also creates a much higher durability that will last for at least two years on average or more. The molecular structure of these are also very strong and they have very high repellence to water and other such contaminants. Their composition therefore, creates a very strong chemical and physical resistance to swirls, scratches and the likes. They can provide a high gloss no matter what colour your vehicle is.


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