Essential Tips for Buying A Brand-New Car

Perhaps you’re experiencing regular trouble with your current car and find yourself shelling out huge amounts of cash for maintenance and repairs. Maybe you feel like the car you are driving now is quite outdated. Perhaps you’ve just hit a milestone in your life and want to celebrate with a big purchase. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a brand-new car, we’re here to assist you with it.

There are a seemingly endless number of models to choose from and finding the right one can often be a very frustrating task after a while. There are so many factors like budget, aesthetic and practicality to consider before you make a decision. To top it all off, it’s pretty big investment and therefore you want to make sure you’re not stuck with something that you’re going to hate after a while.

But don’t worry. As long as you follow our tips, you’ll end up buying the perfect car:

Stick to Your Budget

It can be very tempting to go over your budget when buying a car. One major thing that entices buyers to spend a lot on a fancy car is the prospect of uplifting one’s own image. However, this can have devastating effects on your finances.

What Should Your Budget Be?

If you want to be responsible with money, you should ideally spend only a quarter of your monthly salary on vehicle expenses. This includes all car payments, insurance payments, maintenance, fuel costs…etc. By doing this, you’ll make sure that you don’t have to live paycheque-to-paycheque.

Hence, in order to best thing to do is calculate what 25% of your monthly salary comes to and then deduct predicted insurance payments and other monthly car-related costs. The remainder is what you should spend on financing a car.

Consider Your Needs

The car you purchase should be well suited to your lifestyle. Otherwise, it’s just going to end up being a nuisance. For instance, if you’re in a family of four, it makes very little sense to go for a two-door sports car. If you have young kids, you’d definitely want to purchase a vehicle that has plenty of room and is much safer, like a Berwick Haval Family SUV.

When buying a car, you should also consider how it will be used. Do you commute to work daily? Do you tend to go off-roading sometimes?

Test Before You Buy

You want a car that’s comfortable to drive every day. Therefore, always take the car for a spin before you make your final decision. While everything looks good on paper, you may decide that you don’t like the ‘feel’ of the car when you actually get behind the wheel and start driving.

Always Negotiate the Price

More often than not, dealers are willing to go down on the price a bit to make a sale. Here are two tips to keep in mind when negotiating the final price:

  • Always keep a lukewarm expression on your face.
  • Let the dealer know that you’re willing to abandon the purchase if the price isn’t right.

If you’re hunting for your next car, these tips will definitely help you find the perfect one.

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