Gear Shift Knobs 101: A Quick Guide

That enthralling instant when a character holds the shifting knob and hooks a gear to fly into a rush of well-choreographed driving moves, you’ve definitely seen it on the big stage. You might also want to change your original shift knob if you really want to duplicate that same kind of adrenaline-pumping movement. Take a look at everything you need to know about gear shift knobs to enhance your driving journey more interesting.

Types of Shift Knobs

Stock shift knobs

Shift knobs that come with the car are normally colour-matched to the interior. They’re pre-installed and also have numerical markings on the top that indicate the different gears. They’re also put through a series of tests in the manufacturer to ensure that they’re compliant and safe to use.

Knobs for particular cars

Shift knobs designed for a particular vehicle may appear to be compatible with factory shift knobs. They vary in where the manufacturer customizes the knob for the car’s intended use, such as off-road racing or driving. Whether it is for aesthetics or operational reasons, vehicle-specific knobs are a company’s brand assertion.

Weighted shift knobs

These are unique to each user. The added weight is their distinguishing attribute. The added weight is intended to facilitate gear shifting and the driving skills. These shift knobs are typically built of denser materials than standard knobs, allowing them to carry more without compromising their overall proportions.

Custom shift knobs

A driver’s own style is reflected in his or her shift knobs. They may have characteristics that affect the car’s appearance as well as its performance. Bespoke shift knobs, in contrast to vehicle-specific knobs, are the driver’s creation. Additional buttons, bespoke positional indications, and even customized branding may be included.

Key Features


When selecting a shift knob, this is among the most significant considerations. Stainless steel, wood, aluminium alloy, and even carbon fibre is some of the materials used to make shift knobs. The shift knob’s durability is determined by the material. You must understand how harsh temperatures effect any material before deciding on it. In warm temperatures, for example, aluminium holds heat.


Many shift knobs are universally compatible. They can be installed in a variety of vehicles and shift levers. If the shifting knob you receive does not fit the shaft properly, you would need an adaptor. It’s critical that you do your homework to ensure that the product is suitable with your car.


When looking for a shift knob, consider whether you want one that fits with an automatic or manual transmission. You can choose between stylish manual shifter knobs and cool automated shifter knobs, based on your vehicle. Some shift knobs, on the other hand, are compatible with both technologies. If you are looking for shift knobs Australia has loads of places you can get them from.

Other Considerations


The shift knob’s style has an impact on how it feels in your palm and, as a result, on the whole driving experience. In the sense, it comes down to personal preference. You can experiment with different models to see which shift knobs provide the quickest gear shifts.


The best finish for your shift knob is determined by the statement you want to make with it. Car interiors with a chrome finish seem sporty, while matte black or greyish finishes look nice yet stylish. It’s worth noting that repeated use wears down the coating, exposing the basic colour.


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