How to Maintain A Car: Key Tips?

If you had keys to a car when living with parents, possibilities are your parents took care of its upkeep or reminded you when it needed to be serviced. When you’re on your own, you’re responsible for vehicle repairs. Yes, it can be costly and time-consuming, but the effort you make now will save you money later.

Don’t be one of the one-third of college students who check their oil less than twice a year because they actually forget. Your vehicle can not magically repair itself. Get into the habit of doing routine car maintenance and stop depending on others to remind you to have your tires rotated or your oil changed.

We’ll walk you through some of the fundamentals down below.

Keep Your Car Clean

Day after day, the heat, salt, dirt and grime, acid rain, polluted air, stains, dead bugs, and, worst of all, the acidic composition of bird poop droppingsĀ bombs are thrown at our vehicles. These things chip away at the coating on your car, and once that’s gone, they’ll eat away at the metal. While not washing your car will not cause immediate harm, the elements will erode it over time, reducing its resale value.

What is the best time to wash your car? It is conditional. The two most important factors in deciding frequency are location and environment. If you live in an environment where there is a lot of dust and sea salt in the air, you can wash it twice a month.

If you live inland and in a low-pollution environment, a once-a-month car wash will work. Because of the snow, ice, and mud that accumulates when you drive along frozen roads in the winter, you will need to scrub your car more often than you do in the summer.

Make sure to use proper metal wash solutions like AUTOSOL to keep the coating intact.

Never use your car’s interior as a trash bin

Your car’s interior is not a waste bin, so stop treating it like one. Make it a habit to clean out your vehicle on a regular basis so it doesn’t still look like a landfill. Keeping the interior of your car neat and clean will alleviate stress and make traveling more pleasant.

Furthermore, you never realize when you’ll encounter unwanted travellers. You’ll never ever have to say, “Sorry about the spill,” when you brush away pieces of yesterday’s turkey sandwich from the back seat if you keep your car fresh.

Car Maintenance

Replace oil every 5,000 miles

This may not be a choice for those who live in a dorm or apartment. Having your oil checked on a regular basis, whether you do it often or get it done by a professional, is one of the most effective ways to keep your car going properly.

Replace air filter every 12,000 miles

This is probably one of the simplest car maintenance tasks you can do on your own. We’ve written on how to do it here. Changing your car’s air filter on a regular basis will improve fuel economy, extend the life of your engine, and reduce carbon emissions.


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