How to Prepare Your Vehicle for an Off-Roading Adventure

If you own a SUV or a truck and you haven’t been off-roading, then you’re missing out on quite an experience. It’s exhilarating to be able to drive on terrains that wouldn’t be traversable with any other type of vehicle. You get to experience the beautiful outdoors while putting your driving skills to the test in a really fun way.

Before you set out on your adventure, you have to make sure you’re well-prepared. First and foremost, you have to really familiarize yourself with the route you’re taking. This way you know what sort of challenges to expect on the way. Also you need to carry the essential supplies with you. This includes things like a first aid kit, extra bottles of water and food, flashlight, an extra cell phone charger, a walkie talkie…etc.

In addition to this, you have to make sure that your vehicle is in the proper condition to handle the trip. Some terrains can be quite rough and cause damage to your 4×4 if you’re not careful. Hence, here are some preparation tips for your vehicle before you set out:

Check the Condition of Your Tyres

Your tyres have to deal with a lot during an off-roading excursion. Most of the time they’re up against sticks, rocks, mud and even ruts. Hence they must be in extremely healthy condition.

First of all, if your tyres are too worn out, then you should definitely replace them. Instead of buying a new set of regular tyres, we recommend you get yourself some off-road ones. As the name implies, they’re better equipped to handle rough paths, with better traction and deeper treads.

Off-road tyres are more expensive that regular ones, but they’ll definitely keep you safe.

Get a Bullbar

Bullbars cover the centre and underside of your bumper. They’re purpose is to provide additional protection to your vehicle. Bullbars are particularly useful against animal strikes. If you hit a large creature like a deer while speeding at 100 kilometres per hour, then your vehicle might suffer damage to such an extent that it won’t function. The right 4×4 bull bars will absorb the brunt of the impact, increasing your chances of being able to drive away.

Fit Your Vehicle with Shock Absorbers

When you’re off-roading, don’t expect the ride to be comfortable. In addition, the handling is going to be much tougher as well. The best to improve things is to install some heavy duty shock absorbers which will help you gain better control of the suspension.

Get Some Floodlights

Off-roading at night is incredibly dangerous even with fully-functioning headlights. In order to gain some additional visibility, we highly recommend mounting a set of high quality flood-lights. Mounting additional lights is easy if you’ve got a bulbar installed. 

Keep Bailout Tools Handy

Tools such as winches or two straps can be indispensable if you ever find yourself stuck in mud. When you’re off-roading you must prepare for such a scenario.

Off-roading is a must-try for anyone who has a 4×4 vehicle. However, before you set on your adventure, make sure your vehicle is in the proper state to handle it.

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