How to Repair a Dent on Your Car

A dent can surely ruin the shiny look of your car’s exterior. Dents usually happen during fender benders or small accidents. However, reckless driving or parking could also cause dents. Regardless of the cause, removing dents can cause car owners some anxiety. Obviously, you would want the dent gone and the exterior restored to its original look. Here are several helpful tips for doing that:

Fine a Professional Repair Shop

Even if the dent is small, you might want to look up a professional auto mechanic shop to get the repairs. Find a pro, especially if you are unfamiliar with working on your car. Try to find a local auto shop, like Panel beaters Ferntree Gully, to get the job done right. Some auto mechanics specialise in smash fixing including fixing dents. Your car would be in great hands with professionals who know what you are doing. If you drive a high-end model, you can get top-notch service in a repair shop that specialise in servicing your car’s brand or model.

Try a Plunger on Small Dents

If the dent is negligibly small and the paint isn’t damaged, you can try using a plunger to pull it back into place. Just a regular household plunger would suffice to get the job done. The plunger would have to cover the dent before you start pulling. Keep pulling until the dent pops back into place. A special note: Don’t use a toilet plunger for this because they are too small.

Use the Suction Power of a Vacuum Cleaner or a Compressed Air Can

Popping dents at home is really about finding enough suction power to reverse the damage. You can try using a powerful vacuum or a carpet cleaner to apply enough suction power to cause the dent to pop out. You can alternatively use a compressed air can, which created a powerful suction motion as the air leaks out.

Pour Boiling Water on the Dent

This method is for dents on plastic bumpers and not on the car body. Boiling water may damage the car paint. But on stiff plastic dents, the boiling water could help ease the stiffness and pop the dent out. Try this method with extreme care. Make sure your hands and feet are protected when pouring the boiling water.

Use Dry Ice

Dry ice sometimes helps car dents pop out. You can have more success by making sure the dent is hot before you put the dry ice on. Use a hair dryer to heat it up, put the dry ice on the dent, and let physics do the rest of the work. Make sure that you use dry ice, that is solid carbon dioxide cubes, and not regular ice for this method to work.

While there are small DIY methods to remove dents, the best option to get rid of a dent is to directly go to a professional repair shop as mentioned above. You could end up damaging your vehicle’s exterior paint by trying a DIY trick. If the car paint is already damaged, you would have to take it in for repairs anyway. Only try the DIY methods if you really know what you are doing.


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