The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Any Traveller

Are you a fan of checklists? Are you a traveller? This article is probably perfect for you if so. Anyone who’s travelled knows the daunting aspects of packing for traveling from one country to the next. There are so many things that can be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of preparing for your big day and this usually leads to a lot of unnecessary complications, stress and money being spent. So, here’s the ultimate checklist for any international traveller to tick off before taking off to the airport.

The Main Luggage

We have no doubt that you won’t forget this crucial component but it’s made the list since there’s a variety you can choose from. Depending on your travel purposes, you can opt for wheeled luggage if you want to take some weight off your wrist or if you’re going for a small vacation, a duffel bag or travel bag would be better at taking the extra weight off your hands and more convenient in general. Most people tend to use whatever they have lying around, but honestly, choosing your main luggage according to your needs really makes life easier on you.

Packing Organizers

When travelling on the go all you can think of is what is convenient. Which is precisely why the best thing for you to use while packing is packing organizers. They help you compress more clothes into your bag while also keeping track of where everything is. You can also just slide your organizers (clothes and all) directly into hotel drawers, making it easy to pack and unpack things (which let’s face it, is one of the worst parts of travelling). You can also use compressions sacs. They compress up to 80% of clothing and are perfect for those heavy-duty clothes like jackets, denims etc.


You can never be sure what you’re exposing yourself to once you go abroad. And if you’re incredibly unlucky, your body will decide to play up on the day of your flight itself. And there’s nothing worse than enduring a fever, an allergy or a bad stomach on what’s supposed to be an exciting vacation (talk about a buzzkill). This is why you need to have a bag of your usual medications on hand. This should include aspirin, a first aid kit, laxatives, allergy medicine, sunburn lotion, insect repellent (a must if you’re heading to a tropical country because you don’t want to catch a disease or bites all along your arms).


Of course if you miss something on this step, you’re just incredibly unlucky but it never hurts to have a list to tick off from. When making your last minute rounds, check for your passport, ID, travel and health insurance, reservations, credit cards, documentation of your airport transfers Melbourne so you won’t forget your vehicle etc. Also make sure that your passport and ID don’t expire while you’ll be travelling as this might cause unnecessary holdups during your vacation.


Be extremely aware of pickpockets and the like. Have a luggage security locket and keep your belongings close to you at all times.

Packing can be stressful but stick to this checklist and methodically work your way through- the worst will be over in no time!

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