Things You Have To Check on Your Car before A Road Trip

Why do you need to travel? It is one of the questions you possibly ask yourself. Sounds expensive but worry not. You can do it without spending outrageously. There are cheap airfares out there. Just wait for promos if you want to enjoy the savings. If you can’t afford a plane ticket, go on a road trip instead. Road trips are fun, but it is better to have a company. Some people plan it in advance while the others do it spontaneously. But before you do it, make sure that your car is in excellent condition. Here are the things you have to check on your car before a road trip.

First Aid Kit

Always have a first aid kit in your car. Include an adhesive tape, alcohol, antibiotic ointment, antihistamine, antiseptic wipes, aspirin, cotton balls and swabs, digital thermometer, gauze pad, gloves, needle, safety pins, sharp scissors, and sunscreen to name a few. Also, keep items for emergency cases like car accidents, cardiac arrest, and choking such as CPR mask and hot and cold packs. If you have a baby, you have to keep baby wipes, Benadryl spray, extra diapers, Sippy cups, etc. Make sure that your first aid kit is full, so you and your family will always be ready for an unexpected situation. Also, learn how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It can help in saving lives.

Check Your Car Tires

A well-maintained car will give you the peace of mind that you need. So before a road trip have your car checked by your mechanic and that includes your car tires. Car tires are one of the most overlooked car parts. But for safety purposes, you have to check. See if there signs of wear and tear like bulges. Bulges can cause serious accident. If you need a new set of tires, you may check the PSI wheels and tyres. They offer a wide range of tire choices from different brands. Just select the make of your car from the drop down box and you are good to go.

Adjust Your Car Alignment

If you notice that your car alignment is bad, you have to let it adjusted. If you neglect it, it will affect how you will handle your car.

Make Sure All Car Lights Are Working

Make sure all car lights are working such as the brake lights, headlights, reverse lights and turn signals. When you see a problem, have it fixed pronto to assure your safety. Also, it will help other vehicles know what you are doing, or you are about to do.


You need brakes to put your car to stop and prevent an accident from happening. Always check your brake pads especially before a road trip.

Besides this list, you have to check the air, battery, coolant, engine, gas, transmission fluid and water. Of course, before you go on a road trip, you have to make sure that you are healthy because human error is one of the leading causes of road accidents.

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