Types of crucial info you can learn about a JDM vehicle at carvx.jp

When the Japanese got hit with two nuclear bombs, they didn’t go down as a nation; they restored themselves, they reassembled themselves. In fact, that’s what some Japanese vehicle owners do when they auction vehicles.

On top of that, a lot of Japanese sellers would love to lie about the vehicle as a whole to boost the value. The cure of this is one free website named carvx.jp.

What you basically have to know is the chassis number. You can simply enter it on the website and start looking into the below explained crucial vehicle info, and don’t worry, the report has a glossary.

Vehicle overview

We can push together the 2 sections of vehicle details and specifications under this point. In the first part, there are going to be a list of the following details: the chassis number and embossing position, the manufacture date, make, model, body, grade, engine, drive, transmission, the detailed registration history leading up to the auction, 1st to 6th gear ratio, body rear overhand, frame time, and this list goes on. It’s always better to know all of these factors before you lock a deal since you can double-check whether it’s the specific vehicle that you need.

Vehicle assessment

When you bring in your dream car from Japan, you don’t deserve to have any less than the best. This is why careful evaluation of the vehicle assessment is necessary. This section is done on two major areas such as overall collision safety ratings, and braking performance tests.

The results are given in the form of how many stars out of 5 stars, as points up to 2 digits accuracy, and a goal average in a percentage. When you have a reliable importing company on board, you’d be able to check with all of these easily.

Auction photos

The topic explains itself; this is where you’d find all the photos of the vehicle when they entered the auction.

Accident and repair history

As we told you before, there is a minority of vehicles that are reassembled following an accident. Japanese repair market is quite good enough to bring back the condition to a normal state. While you’d be able to see the loss of some original features, you might be misled on that.

However, accident history and repair history resolve these matters. This section specifies factors such as the problem type such as collision, malfunction, theft, fire damage, water damage, and hail damage, the date they were reported, the data source, whether the repair was done, and the condition of the airbag.

Final thoughts

Whether it was your first ever vehicle, or whether you were a reseller of imported JDM, it’s always better to know the history of the vehicle. As a seller, being able to reassure you of the history of the vehicle, unlike a majority of the resellers, would sure help you to boost your sales. As a buyer, knowing the utmost history of your car is always going to be what helps you drive the desired vehicle with no anxiety.


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